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Sunday, March 9th 2008

7:56 PM

Venus : The UFO Planet

On today in 1959 the first radar contact was made with Planet Venus.  Mysterious Planet Venus. What secrets do you hold?

NASA even refers to Venus itself as the “UFO” Planet because it is so bright, and mistakenly reported as a spacecraft, as it is the shiniest object in the sky and may appear to follow your car.  The smartest among us know that this is just another government cover-up, and that really was a UFO following us home the night before.

Eric Davis(NIDS) writes a reasonable response to Philip Klass (Part of the Skeptical Society).  He argues that Venus was not what some Police Officer saw, indeed, it was a real UFO.  Venus does not look like a “UFO as a large (200-600 feet linear, 40-60 feet thick) triangular-shaped object possessing (on its underside) downward pointing white lights arranged at the corners, a red light near the center,”

Raise a cup to Venus, seen by Neanderthals to Modern people and then confirmed by radar, back in early Spring 1959.




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Wednesday, November 1st 2006

8:52 PM



a Halloween trickster leaves a great suprise for a Colorado town.

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Sunday, October 22nd 2006

8:40 PM

Marie Antionette...haunting

I just saw the movie Marie Antionette, and thought I would repost my blog entry about her....

November 2- the birthday of Marie Antionette, who was born in 1755.  She became the Queen of France.  Unfortunately, she was Queen during the birth of Democracy in France, and during their revolution.  She was accused of treason and executed via the gullotine in 1793. 

There was a very famous sighting of her ghost.  There is a very beautiful building called the Petit Trianon on the grounds of Versailles in France.  One hot afternoon in 1901, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain of Oxford England were wandering and looking through the gardens when they came across a women wearing a scarf and painting. The woman looked exactly like Marie! (The scarf was probably holding her head on).  They also saw other folks running around dressed in old-fashioned French clothing, (and no one was shooting Masterpeice Theater on the grounds that day).  They later decided that this was the ghost of Mary and they went on to write a book about it. Some people attribute their sighting to a time warp - that they were transported back in time, and that's why they saw all those Frenchies and such running about. Of course, skeptics being who they are, tried to dissprove them.  To see how see [ref.2].

A more bizarre place that she reportately haunts is Edgecomb, in Coastal Maine. [ref.3] A gentleman there known as Mr. Clark was part of a plot to sneak the Queen out of France and into the Great Home of the Lobsters.  Apparently, a vast ammount of French furniture, etc. was sent to his house in preparation, but alas, the Queen never was.  She haunts her things to this day, following her lovely sofa and end table into the after life.


ref. 1 http://www.royalty.nu/Europe/France/MarieAntoinette.html

ref. 2 http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/versailles.html

ref. 3 http://www.hollowhill.com/me/yh-me1.htm

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Tuesday, August 1st 2006

7:52 PM


Today starts the grandest summer celebration of the Celts – Lughnasdah.  In ancient times, it was a harvest celebration, when the crops were brought in and marriages made and formed for one year . [ref.1]  You could try out your bride or husband, and if things didn’t work out, one year later – you were free to go. [now days, this is called a celebrity marriage – hmm. Has there been a reality TV show about this yet?]


This celebration had food, drink, wine, and most importantly, song.


It took place in Wales and in Ireland.  The myth that it is based on is the one about the big time Irish God Lug [ref 2].  His foster mother, the great fairy Tailtiu, cleared a forest so the people could farm.  It was so exhausting that she passed away.  Her last wish was that people of Ireland have feasting and games, a sort of “wake” to celebrate her last gift to them.


Eventually, when the Christians moved to Ireland they adopted the pagan holiday and changed the name to “Lammas” meaning “Loaf-Mass”  


Robert Burns wrote a great poem about the harvesting of John Barlycorn, a representation of the harvest of August crops. [ref.3]


[ref. 2] www.celticspirit.org/lughnasadh.htm




[ref. 1] http://www.wicca.com/celtic/akasha/lammas.htm




[ref. 3] http://www.bartleby.com/6/26.html










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Wednesday, July 12th 2006

9:37 PM

Posh Spice Selling House: Ghost To Blame

The World Cup is over, have you gotten enough of the sport celebrities? I haven't.  My favorite pair, the gruesome twosome, Dave and Victoria Beckham have put their house on the market because it is supposedly haunted.

Leslie Duck was the prior owner - he was a very happy man, well traveled and popular.  And then he became very ill and took his own life in 2001.  His ashes we interred on the estate...and then the rumours started to circulate.  A man that looked just like Leslie was seen around the property... walking like him, speeking like him (about Naval battles!).

Apparantly, The Beckham's never heard this.   But now they have, and Victoria refused to even spend one night at the house even though it's worth nearly 2.5 MILLION. 

The house is near Cote D'Azur and was built in the mid 18th century.



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Tuesday, March 28th 2006

8:09 PM

Me - ouch ; Cat with 6 Toes goes on Rampage


See links above for original story

"FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Residents of the neighborhood of Sunset Circle say they have been terrorized by a crazy cat named Lewis. Lewis for his part has been uniquely cited, personally issued a restraining order by the town's animal control officer.

"He looks like Felix the Cat and has six toes on each foot, each with a long claw," Janet Kettman, a neighbor said Monday. "They are formidable weapons."

The neighbors said those weapons, along with catlike stealth, have allowed Lewis to attack at least a half dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.

Some of those who were bitten and scratched ended up seeking treatment at area hospitals"

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Monday, January 2nd 2006

9:25 PM

The Ghost Lights of Wales

Wales - a beautiful country area of England.  Steeped deep in the lore of fairies, King Arthur, and enchantment.  And full of ghostly legend.  In 1904-and early 1905 it was visited by strange lights that made appearances through the area of Egryn.  The first witness was a Christian woman, Mary Jones, who had a vision of Jesus in early December.  Soon afterwards in the area, the "Ghost Lights" started to appear.

On January 2, 1905, 10:40 P.M.: "Hovering above a certain farmhouse ... it appeared to me as three lamps about three yards apart ... very brilliant and dazzling, moving and jumping like a sea-wave under the influence of the sun on a very hot day. The light continued so for ten minutes. All my family saw it the same time......I saw two very bright lights, about half a mile away, one a big white light, the other smaller and red in color. The latter flashed backwards and forwards, and finally seemed in the same place again, but a few minutes after, we saw another light which seemed to be a few yards above the ground. It now looked like one big flame, and all around it seemed like one big glare of light. It flamed up and went out alternately for about ten minutes."  http://www.skygaze.com/content/strange/GhostLights.shtml

The Ghostlights continued to appear in the area, and seemed to confirm the evangalists idea of a visitation of the holy spirit of God.

Ghost lights have appeared in other places as well;  This site currently photographs and documents the current appearance of this phenomenon. http://www.ghostlights.co.uk/.

Another name for them is a will'o the wisp.  http://www.ghosts.org/ghostlights/ghostlights.html.  Willo the Wisps were know to haunt marshes and were seen boppin' along paths in front of travelers.  Some thought they were ghosts of lost travelers that would lead you to your destination.

Science has tried to explain these elusive lights but thus far has been unable to become to a rational explanation.  It's nice to have a little bit of magic and mystery left, and these bit's of floating light enchant and mystify those lucky enough to see them.



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Friday, December 9th 2005

7:12 PM

The Terrifying Proctor Monster

In San Diego there is a valley in the South East that no one dares go late at night.  It is full of horrifying hauntings, a ghost, a haunted car, and most terrifying of all, the Proctor monster.

"Stories about the monster date back for over a century. I guess the land used to have cattle ranches, and every so often they'd find a cow that had been dragged miles from the ranch and mutilated. They even have a huge footprint at a local museum that they once found in the valley." [ref. 1]

The monster is described as 7 feet tall, extremely hairy, and like a Sasquatch. [ref.3]  The monsters footprint can be seen at the local museum.

"Park rangers and other investigators could never confirm the sightings, but plenty of campers, area residents, and even a sheriff's deputy claim to have seen some large, hairy thing tromping the hills of Alpine. One investigator into Bigfoot phenomena notes that the nearby Viejas Indians have a legend of a similar creature that guards its burial grounds. Until the doctor writes his book, this is about all we'll know." [ref.4]

There is even a demon car that appears and follows terrifying innocent people down the road, screaming like a harpy and honking.  [ref.1]

There are two ghosts that are said to haunt the road.  One is the urban legend type- the hitchhiker that gets into the car, only to disapear from the back a few minutes later.  The other is a much more scary ghost - a woman who is seen laying on the road in a blue nightgown by the side of the road that tried to waive down a motorist late one night and then dissapeared. [ref. 2]  The smart driver just kept driving, terrified of the ghostly apparition.

Tales of the monster have even inspired musical theater

"Local playwright and Southwestern College journalism instructor Max Branscomb has most publicly resurrected the legend with his musical comedy "The Return of the Proctor Valley Monster," which has been performed as part of Bonitafest, a celebration of history and community"

http://www.castleofspirits.com/stories04/proctor.html [ref.1]

ref. 2 http://www.ghosts.org/proctorvalleyroad.html

ref. 3 http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20030824-9999_1m24monster.html

ref. 4 http://www.sdreader.com/php/ma_show.php?id=030801A

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Thursday, November 10th 2005

6:22 PM

BOO!! Here comes your unemployment check


see article at...


DES MOINES, Iowa -- A judge ruled that a former security guard who was fired for seeing ghosts cannot be denied unemployment benefits......The issue started on Sept. 11, when Wade Gallegos alerted his supervisor at Neighborhood Patrol of Urbandale that ghosts were haunting a neighborhood he was guarding."


Information from: The Des Moines Register, http://www.desmoinesregister.com

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Tuesday, November 1st 2005

8:22 AM

Wicked Witch Robs Bank on Halloween

Scary Witch Robs Bank

Thurston County authorities hot on the trail of a Halloween bank robber.

A scary witch robbed Washington Mutual branches seven miles apart.

A wicked witch-looking bandit in a full witch's wardrobe walked in to the Washington Mutual branch in Lacey Monday afternoon, passed the teller a note demanding money and walked out with cash.
She is a very powerful and frightening witch to take such scary steps.
"Just to do something so bold tells us she's a dangerous person,"  Terrence Bremmer of the Lacey Police Department Stated.
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